Is your college providing online learning or remote leaning?

Why should we pay for a campus experience if it is not available?

With no time to prepare, colleges were forced to close a few weeks ago and provide some form of distance learning to their students. Despite the fact that the public is using the term online learning, most colleges are offering remote learning. Here are some differences.

Remote learning is defined by a presenter on camera and a student at a monitor on the other end.

Online learning is multi-disciplinary, interactive, collaborative and exciting. It is designed to be this from the bottom up. Is this what your student is receiving?

For a number of years, brick and mortar colleges have known of the threat online universitie. In general, the online universities were seen as on the fringe. In a period of less than 30 days, traditional brick and mortar colleges feel the online offerings on their back. And brick and mortar colleges are feeling the heat.

Some traditional colleges are only now beginning to partner with companies that design true online programs. Their fear is that if another semester is disrupted, the short comings of remote learning will become more apparent and online options will become more widely chosen.