These are some of the future plans being discussed by college administrators

Despite their strong public face, colleges are privately discussing significant changes

Regardless of the public face being presented by colleges, here are some of the future plans they are discussing privately.

Cost reductions will take the form of hiring freezes, reassignments and staff reductions. Risks on expansion plans are being reduced.

Increased enrollments in undergraduate and graduate program enrollments historically coincide with job disruptions in the overall marketplace. This will hopefully balance some of the currently enrolled students who will not return next year.

Online platforms are here to stay. Each college is weighing how and where to incorporate online learning as a permanent part of the curriculum.

Resistance to education debt combined with online course offerings are putting pressure on tuition rates. Student debt has been raised from complaints to real elements in the dynamics of college choice.

New education platforms and recorded classes will allow for flexible scheduling for both students and faculty members.

Online offerings will provide opportunities for colleges to grow revenue from foreign as well as non-matriculated students.

How will these plans alter your decisions about college?

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